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by Georg Holzmann last modified 2019-12-10 11:14 AM

Pd~graz burn down, Die Minderheitenreligion der Computermusik "Pd" (Pure Data) schloß ihre Pforten in Graz, (mit einer BurnDown party am 20.3.2019 in der Postgarage Graz), see you...

Who we have been ?

Pd~graz is the Pd-addicted association in Graz, consisting of the following members and founded in 2005 from the "Pd-Stammtisch" and the people who had organized the First International Pd~Convention and shut down

A detailed biography is available as a PDF.

Pd~graz group photo

Enjoy some pictures from our inaugural meeting on May 27th 2005.

blind date

blind date is an audiovisual live-coding performance for a varying amount of players, which we have performed at several occasions in the last years.


rec.wie.m, a new performance by Pd~graz, was premiered at the Netart Community Convention 2007 in Graz, Austria, and has since also been performed at the Linux Audio Conference 2008 in Cologne, Germany.

pd~ label

We also run the label pd~, which so far has produced two releases:

bang | pure data

release 0.1

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